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Slip Armor

Stop slip and falls for good!


Get a GRIP , Stop the SLIP! Cost Effective, Warrantied, Used World Wide by Major Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and more. 

Commercial and Residential. Veteran owned. "SAM" and State of Florida approved Vendor

why our product line

 Used Commercially, BUT are also perfect for Residential! SAME DAY use of your floor! NEVER needs to be redone! INSURED, Warrantied and Guaranteed! FREE EVALUATION.

Why Slip Armor

Floor Safety Experts

Stop Slip and Falls! We can PROVE safety on your floors. Testing and Testimony if needed. 

Keep Your Floor

Our treatments do not change the look of your floor! Keep the beautiful Tile, Marble or other flooring.  We treat any walking surface

Cost Effective

FREE...FREE. Businesses may be eligible for Tax Credits via ADA! Residential Treatments are inexpensive and WARRANTIED

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For estimates or more information, please contact us.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Slip Armor

Debary, FL 32713, US

(386) 222-0779


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